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Amish Four Grain Pale – Lancaster Brewing

March 13, 2012

This is a yummy pale. Usually not my style, but it’s got such a toasty, malty bread taste (light a healthy cracker) I dig it. Whole grain bread is delicious, and so is four grain beer!



Sweet water -IPA

March 8, 2012

This IPA is a super fruity, tasty IPA with just a hint of bitterness. I kind of wish this was a little more, it’s a bit too sweet but it’s still pretty darn good.


Snowfield Winter- NW Peaks

March 3, 2012

This beer has a deliciously smooth deep, malty chocolately taste. It does have a surprisingly bitter aftertaste which I really like. Sometimes you have to sacrifice hops for that smooth taste but not here!!



Noble rot – dogfish head

March 3, 2012

NW Peaks Brewery

March 3, 2012

Which beer shall I fill my growler with….


90 minute IPA – dogfish head

February 18, 2012

Whoa. This IPA is delicious. Fruity and smooth with a perfect hoppy kick. This may sound dumb, but this is a delightful beer.


World wide stout – dogfish head

February 18, 2012

Smells like a sour, initial taste of alcoholy chocolate with a winey taste. Pretty strong at 18%. I would call this a very ballsy beer.