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About Whitney

whitney, eben and beer at Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg

If you happened to have stumbled across my little blog this is my blog about the beer I drink; basically a diary of what I’ve drank, what I liked, didn’t like and maybe even an explanation of why. I don’t claim to be an expert, I just simply love beer.

This is me!

My name is Whitney and I’ve lived in the Seattle Area my entire life. I love what the area offers in terms of outdoor activities, city life, and of course beer. Only in the past couple years has my love of beer become more of a hobby; my boyfriend and I are both beer enthusiasts and don’t claim to be any type of experts but we love finding and trying new beers, new breweries and talking about our experiences. Our friends think we’re nuts, but we’re okay with that! We’ve also recently joined WABL (Washington Assosication of Beer Lovers, and it’s great to feel like we’re part of a community of people with the same adoration of beer!



This is Eben

My goal with this blog: I’ve decided to try and record every beer I drink starting this summer. I don’t intend to write about every beer, but I will try my best. I hope to become more knowledgable about the beer I drink so I can get to know flavor profiles and the in’s and out’s of beer making. I may also post articles about beer from time to time, it’s always good to share the love.







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  1. October 25, 2011 2:21 pm

    Hey email me Interested in you blogging for us about something

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