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Idiot Sauvin – Elysian Brewing (at Oregon Brewers Fest)

August 11, 2011

Idiot SauvinWell, for the ONLY beer we could get at beer fest, this one was awesome. Although we realized we should have tried something FROM Portland instead of Seattle. Brewers fest was so crowded that this one beer took us about 30 minutes of standing in line to get… and after waiting in line  surrounded by sweaty, rowdy fraternity boys we had had enough. I had made a list of all the beers I wanted to try, but alas we only got to one on the list before we gave up.

FAIL for Oregon Brewers fest; until they start charging admission we won’t be going back.

Inside the tent; I felt like the lady in front looks. Hot, sweaty, annoyed and craving a beer.

Anyway; Idiot Sauvin (IPA) was great. It had this great distinctive citrus and fruit taste. It had an almost floral element to it. It wasn’t overly hoppy for an IPA, which I was surprised but, but I still loved it!



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