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Cascade Brewing Barrel House – Portland

August 11, 2011

cascade barrel brewing houseI think this place wins as one of my favorite places on earth (so far) when it comes to beer. I am in love with sour beer, and this beer was no exception. I got the apple pie sour and Eben was a bit smarter and got a sampler or 4 different beers.

Apple pie 

Apple Pie Cascade Barrel Brewing House

Sour and Sweet and spicy at the same time; I’m always a bit shocked with namesake drinks like this really taste like what they’re named for. The finish on this beer did just that; at first you can smell the spices and the apples, it’s a smooth drink and then it finishes with the perfect taste of apple pie. YUM!

Unfortunately, although I tasted all the beers in Eben’s sample, I didn’t write anything about them; mostly because he kept swatting my hand away from them when I tried for more. We don’t share beer well…

cascade brewing houseI did snap a picture and have a vague memory of which kinds he tried (The Vine, Sang Royal and Honey Ginger Rye all of which were kick ass, but that’s all I remember.) Heck, it was a hot day, beer fest sucked and I wanted to enjoy my beer!

Read more about Cascade Brewing here!

Cheers, more from Portland soon!



UPDATE: So I realized I did write the beers down and I’m just an idiot and overlooked it. Good thing is that I was actually right about which beers Eben ordered (how’s that for an awesome memory) but I only wrote a couple quick notes about three of them:

Honey Ginger Rye: Smells like honey and tastes like ginger, sour but not crazy overpowering… I specifically wrote that this would make an awesome candle fragrance. Who knows, it was hot outside and I was already feeling a bit tipsy.

Sang Royal: really tastes like wine… that’s sour and that’s a beer. It had a beer twang to it, but it had a really pleasing taste.

Stunt live barrel: Sweet on tongue, sour as hell on the back. Tastes like a sour candy.

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