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Bitburger Premium Pils – Bitburger Brauerei

August 11, 2011

Bitburger Premium PilsSometimes when I forget to write a beer summary down, or when I don’t write enough I check on BeerAdvocate to see what others are saying. I had a little laugh after reading about this beer. First and foremost let me say, a pilsner is not my beer of choice but I also know well enough to give everything an honest try; AND I LOVED this pils. Honestly, I thought it was a wicked good beer. I’m always a bit weary of German and Belgian beers, but we were at Prost in Portland and I didn’t have much of a choice (all I knew was I really wanted a pretzel and a beer and Eben’s friend worked there so it seemed like the best choice.)

But then, surprise surprise, when I go to beeradvocate everyone did not seem to agree with me; it got a B- which I was appalled by! Bah! It was crisp and rich and citrusy and perfect in my opinion. I want another… thankfully there is a Prost up in Seattle too…

so, PROST!


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