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Skagit River Brewing

August 9, 2011

From L-R; Farm to Market Ale, Highwater porter, Gospel IPA, Brown Ale

While on our way up to Bellingham for my grandpa’s 81st birthday, we thought we would stop and get a growler of beer for him at Skagit River. I hate to say it, but we were so unimpressed that we decided to head up to Boundary Bay instead.

Okay, so it wasn’t THAT bad, but we were looking for a dark beer for my gramps and theirs just didn’t cut it.

Farm to Market ESB: The malt was pretty mellow and smooth with only a mild hoppy taste and it had a wheaty/cardboardy taste with a bitter finish. Not great, but it wasn’t bad.

Highwater Porter: The first line in my notepad says “doesn’t have a taste,” and I stand by that. It smelled faintly of coffee/chocolate, but there just wasn’t a lot there. It had potential, but this one needs to be developed a bit more in my opinion.

Gospel IPA: This beer was like drinking a grapefruit, pretty yummy actually. You could smell the citrusy grapefruit taste right off the bat; and the taste did not disappoint. It packs a whalop of hops with a bitter finish. We were bummed because they were out of the Scullers IPA, but this was a pretty good stand in.

Brown Ale: Like the Highwater Porter, it had a pretty light taste. It was very sweet with a light nutty caramel taste. It was okay, nothing to call home about.

That being said, we ended up at Boundary Bay getting the Oatmeal Stout for Gramps… turns out that was too dark for him. Who knew?




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