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Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.

July 25, 2011

After a long hike to Big Creek Falls and Otter Falls along the Middle Fork River (on one of the first REALLY nice days of our Seattle summer), Eben and I stopped in the city of Snoqualmie to visit the local brewery. We see their beer on tap everywhere and in every local supermarket, but we’d never visited the source. Although a bit dusty due to their current construction work (they’re expanding) it was a great little spot. They’re beers are all pretty low alcohol and very drinkable, even for the new beer drinker. We ordered the sampler which contained 6 different beers; PGA Amber, Haystack Hefeweizen, Wildcat India Pale Ale, Summer Beer, Steam Train Porter and Copperhead American Pale Ale. My favorite for the day was the PGA (Perfectly Great Amber) Amber.

Here are my notes!

  • PGA Amber; Yummy, sweet and smooth. Almost like a combination of a red ale and an amber. A little bit of a honey and toasty flavor. My fav outta the bunch!
  • Haystack Hefeweizen; Very light wheaty taste along with some mild citrus notes. Not a very bold hefe, and very little aftertaste.
  • Wildcat India Pale Ale; Extremely thick and foamy head (I bet you can tell which one is the IPA in the picture); piney and grapefruity but I felt like it tasted a bit watery and lacked some of the flavor of a solid IPA. 
  • Summer Beer; a very bitter, crisp dry beer. I think this one tasted more like an IPA than the Wildcat did, it almost had a grassy taste to it. Yum; perfect for summer!
  • Steam Train Porter; So unforunately, I had just downed a bunch of nachos with Jalapenos before drinking this, so to me the flavor was off… here is what one of the reviews on BeerAdvocate says about the Steam Train Porter: “Somewhat light mouthfeel, well-carbonated and quite smooth. Full flavors of coffee, cocoa, and caramel with a mild, roasty bitterness on the finish.”
  • Copperhead American Pale Ale; Citrusy and malty sweet with a light taste. Not great, but not bad at all; a very refreshing summer beer.
I’m excited to go back to Snoqualmie and see how their expansion looks!
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