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Beer Mac and Cheese!

July 15, 2011

If you don’t know me, I’m somewhat of a macaroni and cheese maniac. I love eating it, I love making it and am always trying new recipes whenever I get the chance. But yesterday I had an thought; was there a recipe out there for beer mac and cheese… answer, yes!

This clever little cooking blog, Evil Shenanigans, provided me the recipe I was looking for. Bock beer macaroni and cheese. Yum right? Well, due to the fact my local grocery store has a terrible cheese and beer selection I had to make a few substitutions. The end result was a pretty pungent mac and cheese, not bad but not my favorite so far. This is absolutely no fault of the recipe… only my lack of options at the store!

I had to leave out the fontina and smoked provolone, and use a sharp provolone instead; this was where it went wrong. I totally intend to make this recipe again an follow it exactly!

Also, I only used half of the beer to make the pasta, and I drank the rest. Good ol’ Alaska Amber! This was actually the first beer I ever had (out of the beer refrigerator of my friend Kelsey’s dad.)

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