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Airways Brewing Company

July 13, 2011

This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Airways Brewing Company in Kent. Although they’d had the doors open for a bit, this was they were celebrating the expansion of their taproom and it was a lot of fun! And, of course, the beer was fantastic!! We arrived pretty soon after the doors open and the place was already packed; no seats open inside at all, but we managed to snag some primo spots in the sun in their small outdoor patio area. A little later in the day chickens were brought it; these chickens eat the spent grains from the beer making process and were called the “Airways Flyers.”

Here are the beers we sampled:

TXL Berliner Weisse (sour)  My first pick of the day

TXL Berliner Weisse

I thought this beer was amazing, although Eben was not a fan. It had a nice tartness to it, as well as a very wheaty taste. I always refer to these as cereal beers because the after taste is similar to finishing a bowl of wheaties or wheat chex! As I drank it the beer became a bit more lemony and really good.

Midnight Departure CDA   Eben’s first pick

Midnight Departure CDA

Okay, I totally lost my notes on this one.  But Eben liked it. That’s all I’ve got for that one.

Cask: Chocolate Cherry Stout  My second choice… I should have got a schooner, because after this one I was only drinking water!

CASK: Chocolate Cherry Stout

Um, yum! It really had a nice cherry taste to it, not too overwhelming or annoyingly fruity! Chocolate and beer are always a great combination in my opinion, and I’m happy to drink it whenever it’s available! They also had a chocolate coconut stout, which I didn’t get a chance to try.

Tickle your Zwickle Lager  Eben’s second choice, smart boy went for the schooner size… 

Tickle your Zwickle Lager

Let me just say, I am usually not a huge fan of the plain ol’ lager… but this was insanely good. It was cask, and a bit flat of course but this is one beer that I actually don’t think I want carbonated. It had this yummy light honey taste to it. It is a German unfiltered lager so it was cloudy with a pretty amber color to it. I will definitely be getting this in a growler sometime soon… I’ve actually thought about this beer a couple times since the event; which is a pretty good sign!

Uber Hag IPA  (Sky Hag IPA aged in Bourbon Barrels)  Eben’s choice

Now, if you’ve read this blog before you know how I feel about Bourbon. Not my style… and after trying this beer it remains that way. All the guys loved it, I however would have been happy with the regular Sky Hag IPA.


All in all, this place was great. Friendly service, a fun place to hang out and great beer. I’m excited for more from them! If we lived closer to Kent, this would be a great place to head to after work for a pint and some peanuts.



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